Can you physically do your job? What should your physical limitations be? Does your doctor need a better understanding of your physical limitations? Do you need disability paperwork properly completed?
These and other questions are exactly what a Functional Capacity Evaluation can help answer. A Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE) can directly measure the ability of a person to perform certain physical tasks. The physical tasks measured can range from how much they are able to safely carry to how long that individual can stand throughout a work day.

An FCE is specific to the individual being tested. Someone whose daily tasks involve working on a computer, seated at a desk for most of the day, will be very different when compared to another individual who paints houses. Both of these workers functional abilities can be evaluated with an FCE but each will have different parameters and tests.

Millions of Americans file for disability every year. An FCE can help define an individual’s disability. Adding evidence to their claim and assisting their physician with valid documentation. Valid documentation can aid the claimant, by strengthening their case within the legal realm. Thus, being a great help to the attorney and court system. With the strength of insurers and the government, you can’t afford to try and win your case without an FCE.

FCE’s can take up to four hours to perform and require time to analyze the data. A detailed report will be generated that your physician, attorney or insurer will be able to use for your benefit. Each test has to be built specific to the individual. Therefore, we need to gather the right medical and work history. Please call our office with any questions you may have regarding the test.